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What Questions Should I Ask When Viewing a House for Sale?

Shopping for a new home is a really big deal! Not only does this represent a pretty significant financial investment, but you’re also moving your life into this house. You, your family, and your pets are going to call this place home for the foreseeable future. You want to get this right! The question is, how?

By asking the right questions as you are viewing a house for sale in Danville, you can walk away feeling confident that you know everything you need to in order to make an informed decision. Here are a few suggested questions that you’re certainly going to want to ask your real estate agent during the house viewing:

“Is the home in a flood zone or prone to other natural disasters?”

A property that’s in a flood zone or other natural disaster area may require additional insurance coverage. You may need to get earthquake insurance. You’ll want to know this ahead of time and factor in the additional costs to your budget.

“Why is the seller leaving?”

Understanding why the seller is moving may help you figure out how motivated they are when negotiating. Did they already accept a job across the country? Are they getting divorced? Are they trying to make a profit off a house they bought to flip? All of these are going to result in a very different buying and negotiating experience on your end.

“What’s included?”

This simple question has so many possible answers! Everything from the refrigerator to the grand piano is negotiable. They may leave the washer and dryer, or take them to their new house. They may be willing to leave the window treatments if you really like them.

“How old is the roof?”

Roofs are both necessary and expensive. If the roof is at the end of its lifespan and you wind up having to replace it shortly after moving in, you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars. This is something you want to know ahead of time so you can factor it into the offer price.

This list is only the beginning, to get you thinking about the right questions to ask when viewing a house for sale in Danville. The Frazzano Tse Team welcomes all of your questions! This is just one reason we can boast that we have been ranked #1 in total sales volume for the entire MLS in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties since 2009. As well, we have many, many positive reviews online. Our past clients are overjoyed with their new homes. By using the Frazzano Tse Team as your real estate agent and asking the right questions when you are viewing a house for sale in Danville, you will be too!